Let us find you a home to rent.

Over 20 years of successful Real Estate & Home Rental Experience

Specialize in Finding Available Homes for Rent.

Our Goal is to find the perfect home to fit your wants and needs and we guarantee we will find you a home to rent.

Our Company

Rent a Home residential rental search is a service that specialize in finding the perfect home to rent for our clients. Our database does a wide search for our clients for homes that's available for rent base on your personal criteria your provide to us. From your rent budget, to the city you you may want to live in, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you prefer, we can find what you are looking for through our database.

The unique thing about Rent a Home Service is that we continue to search and search our database until we connect you with a place to call home. We understand how much time that it takes during the moving process and our goal is to make it easier for renters to find and live in a place they desire.


Will I receive just 1 listing of rental homes or more?

No! Our service work for you until you find the home you are looking for. There isn't a grace period or home listing limit we send. We follow up with every customer to ensure they have found a home.

Can you send me Homes for sale as well?

No, our service is only for residents looking to rent a home however we can recommend you to Michigan Licensed Real Estate Agents who are affiliates.

Will there be a Credit check?

All rental properties vary on each Landlord. Some won't require a credit check some may require a credit check.

How soon can I expect a listing of available homes to rent?

Our Database will generate your listing based on your criteria within 24 hours of submitting Monday through Friday. Weekend submissions may take 2 business days.

Success Stories

Our Goal is to make sure you find a home as fast as possible and we search until you find the home you are looking for.

"All I had to do is tell them exactly where I wanted to stay and how much I could afford and I received great options and finally found a home to stay in"

Lisa Moore

Livonia, MI

"Rent A Home did exactly what was expected and it was simple for me. I had so many homes to pick from that were available"

Megan Howard

Detroit, MI

"Thanks a lot for taking the time to find us a place in such a emergency and short time frame. Greatly Appreciated"

Fred & Taylor Smith

Warren, MI


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